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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Weekend Landscaper

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Weekend Landscaper


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Everyone wants their home to have curb appeal, but doing the actual work? Well, that's a totally different story. Of course, there is always someone in the family who's hanging in the garden or touching up the yard. This holiday season, don't bore them with a coffee mug or pair of socks. Get the gear that can knock out an army of weeds or trim unkempt branches. Here are some cool gift ideas for that weekend landscaper in your life. 




Weed Out the Weeds 

You might look at your lawn and see a disgusting mass of weeds, but they see a therapeutic conquest to rid the garden of an invading nuisance. Wrap a Craftsman weed wacker and stick it under the tree, and you’ve given them the greatest weapon in their rightful reclamation. An easy-pull system makes firing it up a cinch, so they may actually start hoping for miniature intruders to sprout up for upheaval.

Check out the Craftsman 2-Cycle Gas Weed Wacker

Craftsman 2-Cycle Gas Weed Wacker




This Gift is Off the Chain

Who wouldn't love the powerful feeling of cutting through rogue branches with a powerful chain saw? Harness a commanding 42cc engine to cut through any eye sores that pop up throughout the yard. Clearing out unsightly or dead shrubs will quickly become a chore they'll actually want to do. Now if you could only get them to clear out the cluttered closet.

Check out the Craftsman 18" 42cc Chain Saw


Craftsman 18" 42cc Gas Chainsaw




Push It Over the HEDGE

No one can boast about a manicured yard until it's been shaped, sculpted and beautified to perfection. Encourage your front-yard fanatic to pamper the hedges, bushes and shrubs with a fresh cut using a 22" cordless hedge trimmer for that just-out-of-the-salon look. The heavy hauling of all those grass clippings can wait, this is the closest thing your plants will ever get to a spa day.

Check out the Craftsman 22" Cordless Hedge Trimmer


Craftsman 22" Cordless Hedge Trimmer




Blow 'Em Away

Hey! Who said snow removal is part of landscaping? Busting out a tiny shovel during a blizzard is always terrifying. Make easy (and, let’s be honest, kind of satisfying) work of wrestling those snow drifts with a powerful Craftsman snow blower. With 8 adjustable speeds, the driveway and walkways will be done with plenty of time to get back inside for a hot cup of cocoa.

Check out the Craftsman 24" 208cc Dual-Stage Snow Blower


Craftsman 24" 208cc Dual-Stage Snowblower