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Holiday DIY: How to Make Christmas Ornaments with Sequins

Holiday DIY: How to Make Christmas Ornaments with Sequins

Child putting a sequin ornament on a Christmas tree

What You'll Need:


Step 1: Create Your Design

Plan your design ahead of time, and draw a rough outline on the ball using a marker. Decide what colors you want to use to match your general theme. You don't have to just use standard, colored sequins. Consider switching up your pattern with snowflakes or other winter-themed sequins. Also, try sprinkling in some seed beads to really make your ornament stand out.

Step 2: Pin the Sequins

Start pinning your sequins onto the ball one by one. Take a bead and fit it on a pin, making sure that it goes all the way to the flat end. Place each sequin neatly on the ball. Then, hold the head of the pin and the bead in one hand and stick it through the center of the sequin. Push each sequin straight down all the way that you can. Repeat the process in the pattern you've planned out.

Step 3: Add a Screw Eye to the Styrofoam Ball

Leave room for a small hole on one end of the ball. Attach your screw eye by slowly fastening it into the ball. Make sure to fasten it gently so you don't break the Styrofoam.  

Step 4: Attach your Ornament Hanger to the Screw Eye

Pass ribbon through the screw eye and tie it off to create a study ornament hanger. Try to fray the ends of the ribbon to create a festive look. Make sure there is enough to fit comfortably on the branch without hanging to high or low. You also can use thread or an ornament hook as an alternative to ribbon.