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Jammies for the Family: 6 Looks for Every Personality

Jammies for the Family: 6 Looks for Every Personality


Shakespeare once said that "the eyes are the window to the soul." But he probably meant to say "pajamas are the window to the soul," because the way someone relaxes tells you everything you need to know about them. Are your loved ones keeping quiet about what they want for the holidays? Let them sleep on it—literally—with six-plus pajama sets that make perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

Family in holiday PJs

Kids & Teens

For the Lounger

Juniors' Joe Boxer Fleece Robe

If relaxation were a competitive sport, she would be the champ. Give her a win with this machine-washable fuchsia robe. It comes with a belt for adjustable snugness, deep side pockets for all her TV-binging snacks, a faux sherpa wool-lined hood for extra warmth and critter ears that add enough cuteness to throw any opponents off their game.

Check out the
Juniors' Joe Boxer Fleece Robe.

For the Future Hipster

Boys' Joe Boxer  Awesome Christmas PJs

He's the resident trend-setter, playing music no one has heard before and watching cartoons that haven’t been made yet. He'll find his fit with this long-sleeved shirt, which shows a bear declaring "I Woke Up This Awesome." The pants continue the theme with illustrated characters like mustachioed reindeer and a sunglasses-sporting penguin that totally isn’t tired yet, dad.

Check out the Boys' Joe Boxer
Awesome Christmas PJs

For the Night Owl

Juniors' Joe Boxer Owl PJs

She often stays up all night reading. Or working on her class president campaign speech. Or building that robot. Let’s face it—she isn’t going to bed any time soon, but at least she’ll be comfortable in the cool blue pajama shirt, adorable owl-print pants and fuzzy mid-calf socks. They're sure to help her drift off to dreamland (as soon as she finishes this page).


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Juniors' Joe Boxer Owl PJs.


For the Superfan

Men's LucasFilm Star Wars One-Piece Chewbacca PJs

They eat, sleep and breathe movies and comics. Transport them to another planet with this full-zipper suit resembling everyone’s fave spacefaring furball. The faux fur hood features Chewbacca’s grinning face, while the appliqued bandolier and satchel add to the authenticity. Cozy and durable, these PJs are perfect for any task, from movie marathons to smuggling runs.

Check out the Men's LucasFilm
Star Wars One-Piece
Chewbacca PJs

For the Glam Queen

Women's Hooded One-Piece Unicorn PJs

She's the star. She's one-of-a-kind. She really, really loves rainbows. Bring out her inner mythological beast with this light blue, hooded onesie. Jogger-style legs and sleeves will keep even the most high-flying unicorn cozy, while fun details like rainbow cuffs, a plush rainbow horn and a soft hood with ears and sleepy eyes will keep her shining bright.


Check out the Women's Hooded
One-Piece Unicorn PJs

For the Cheery One

Men's Joe Boxer Santa PJ Pants & Hat

From Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, he's hanging lights, playing carols on a loop and washing down every meal with eggnog. Embrace his Santa side with these brilliant plush red pants and cap. Jingle bells attached to the fly make the perfect musical accompaniment for his holiday happy dance, while the faux fur pointed hat would make even St. Nick a little jealous.


Check out the Men's Joe Boxer
Santa PJ Pants & Hat

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