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Then & Now: Matching Outfits

Then & Now: Matching Outfits

Wish Book

Everything is more fun when you dress up together—and by together, we mean exactly alike. At least that's how it was played in past Sears Wish Books, where his-and-hers fashion and family outfits tended to be, let’s just say, uncomfortably similar.

Whether they were all wearing pajamas with candy cane stripes, or dressing in “twosomes” sweaters, our loyal Sears shoppers loved to keep style in synch. Take a look here at some of our favorite coordinating combos. They might even inspire you to revive the twinsies trend!


Family Tartan 

You had to examine family ties if you and your loved ones in the late 1950s were lacking a signature print. Luckily, a spread in the 1959 Christmas Book artfully offered “suburban plaid,” with dad in a Tartan coat and hat, and mom and the girls in matching jackets. A united front? Yes, but it raises questions: Did father know best, really? Was it wise to leave it to Beaver?

Over It All 

Aw, little sis and big sis are dressed just like mom! Seriously, 1975? No girl past age 3 wants to mimic her mother and will surely seek out a style that's worlds apart. Like, anything other than corduroy overalls and bib jumpers. Ironically, these pieces are pictured with "harmonizing" print shirts. *Sigh*—yet another historical miss for girls and misses.

Plaid outfits in 1959 Sears Christmas Book
Matching overalls in 1975 Sears Wish Book

Satin pajamas in the 1988 Sears Wish Book
Leather trench coats and blazers in 1991 Sears Wish Book

Slippery When Sleepy

Because everything was shiny and new in the 80s, there had to be satin pajamas to help maintain one’s materialist glow. Pinstriped, light and oh-so-silky, these PJs lit up the 1988 holiday season with him in a silvery robe and boxers, and her in a coordinating nightgown. All that's missing are satin sheets, and a disclaimer on the danger of slipping out of bed.

Leather Together

If you wore fur, you were clearly cruel and unusual, but if you wore leather in 1991, good news—you were still relatively swanky, but not for long. If you wore it in tandem with your significant other, you had true love covered in lambskin trench coats or leather blazers for him and her. The best thing about leather is it's made to last. The worst thing about leather? It'll still be around after the breakup.


There is so much to be said for fashion evolution.

Aside from holiday pajamas, the 2017 Wish Book doesn't have a collection of copycat clothing. Instead, you'll find pages of current fashion that speaks to expressing your individual style. From trendy dress clothes and accessories for parties to cozy knit sweaters and soft stretch denim for a casual holiday, everyone in the family can find something that suit their own tastes.

Of course, if you want to look like your bestie or take that dress-alike family pic, buy more than one and just keep smiling like twins are so incredibly in. Because style is always about whatever makes you merry.


Family holiday sleepwear in 2017 Sears Wish Book
Simply Styled outfits for the family in 2017 Sears Wish Book

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