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Then & Now: Sleepwear

Then & Now: Sleepwear

Wish Book

Finally, the day is done, and it's time to drift off to dreamland. Despite being tucked under the covers for 8 hours in the dark, everyone still wants to look stylish. That's why Sears has featured plenty of trendy pajamas and sleepwear in the Wish Book. However, the "word" trendy should be used loosely in some cases. From odd couples' pajamas to costume-themed attire, there have been some outfits we wish to forget. Here's a quick list of our favorite "gems" from the past.


Sleepy Couple Goals

You and your significant other are SO in-synch that you of course need to be matching while you sleep. How else are you supposed to show the world just how in love you are? Don't worry! The 1972 Sears Wish Book had you covered. Literally! Now, the night gown isn't used in men's fashion very much, but here it's being rocked to the fullest extent. You and your loved one could snuggle up, looking like two of Charlie Bucket's bed-ridden, elderly relatives.

Rest in the West

Ahh yes! The early 60s were heavy on the "Western" style. Sears was ready to help get the whole family in on this hoedown! To round out this family ensemble, you could purchase a 1 lb. tin of pretzel snack mix. Nothing says sleep tight better than cramming snacks into your head and bringing crumbs into bed for added texture. 



Matching sleep dresses from the 1972 Sears Wish Book
Family in Western pajamas from 1962 Sears Christmas Book


Family in clown pajamas from the 1962 Sears Christmas Book
Kids "pretend" pajamas from 1968 Sears Wish Book

The Clowns

You know how sweet and lovable clowns are, so why wouldn't you want to sleep as one? In 1962, Sears was there to help you go to sleep like your favorite nightmare! What's most puzzling is why everyone in this picture looks unhappy. Maybe it was the "clown makeup?" Maybe it was the insane heat being brewed up in those clown slippers? We'll never know.

Let's Pretend!

As a kid, who didn't love some cool pajamas that looked like a costume?  Even way back in 1968, kids were getting dressed up for bedtime. Only instead of super heroes, you could go to sleep looking like a scary clown (again), tiger or... devil. So cute! Nothing like a tiny little demon in a terrifying mask running around at night, am I right? Honestly, if your kid wanted to dress like that, consider an exorcism.



Thankfully, time has passed and styles have changed... for the better. Your little ones can still head off to dreamland rocking their favorite TV and movie characters but you won't have to deal with any creepy masks (phew!).

Styles not only have improved, but fabrics have also grown by leaps and bounds. Cotton and fleece pajamas and robes are more breathable to keep you warm and cozy but not too hot.

This year's Wish Book has plenty of options for everyone. From character-themed outfits for the little ones to stylish pajama sets that wrap mom and dad from head to toe, the whole family will feel cozy this season. And we still have matching family sleepwear sets! However, these holiday themed PJs are a bit more subtle. Sorry if you were looking forward to dressing like a clown or cowboy. We'll try harder next season. 


Family in pajamas on Christmas morning

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