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Then & Now: Stuffed Animals

Then & Now: Stuffed Animals

Wish Book

For some of us, a stuffed animal was our companion through many an imaginary adventures. As we've grown up though, those furry friends have gone from cute and cuddly to a bit weird and creepy. Their large unblinking eyes, stiff poses and strange fur definitely don't give off the "best friend" vibe they had when you were younger. Let's take a look at some stuffed animals from Wish Books' past, and embrace the strangeness one last time.


Flirty Eye Bear

Okay! That name is enough to fuel a week's worth of nightmares. But wait, there's more! This 1937 Christmas Book ad says, "Hug him tight, he'll make goo-goo eyes, squeeze him tighter, he growls." This little nightmare also comes in two different sizes as well. As you can see in the ad, that girl's look of horror is more than warranted.

Smells like Skunk Spirit

This stuffed skunk moves its paws around and plays music, but what's with the bow? We get it! Skunks aren't the "freshest" smelling animal in the forest, but having to tie a bow around its neck to remind it seems excessive. That said, the bow almost seems like it won a prize… or something? Was there a stinky animal contest and it won? Is it an avant-garde style choice, reclaiming the stink? We'll never know because it was from 1959.

Flirty Eye Bear in the 1937 Sears Christmas Book
Stinky Skunk stuffed animal in the 1959 Sears Christmas Book
Buzzy Bear in the 1969 Sears Wish Book

Business Bear

Aside from the giant, unnatural yellow eyes, this bear does have a few cool things kids should like. It speaks a variety of phrases and rocks a collar and tie, which are both important for getting down to business or attending high-societal functions. Honest question: does this bear have a job? If so, why is it not wearing pants? You'd think that pants are more important than the tie, but maybe we're just being too picky.


Hatchimals in the 2017 Sears Wish Book
FurReal Friends Roarin' Tyler the Playful Tiger in 2017 Sears Wish Book

Stuffed animals have come a long way since their wide-eyed predecessors. This year, it's all about Hatchimals. These adorable guys start out in a colorful egg, and your little ones can raise them until they hatch into a fun new friend. Your child can teach Hatchimals to do things like walk, dance or talk.   

Roarin' Tyler is also a fun option this holiday season. This playful plush tiger is soft and interactive, making over 100 different sound and motion combinations. No matter which stuffed animals your kids choose from this year's Wish Book, they're sure to bring hours of joy and adventure.

And they'll definitely be less scary… 


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