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Then & Now: Watches

Then & Now: Watches

Wish Book

Being on time never goes out of style, but the same can't always be said for certain timepieces. Over the years, Sears has carried some of the most fashionable watches from some of the most trusted brands. While we've managed to stay ahead of the style every step of the way, some cutting-edge fashions fell by the wayside quickly. Let's "turn back time" and revisit some of the best old-school watch designs from past Wish Books.


Time Flies

Once a staple of men's fashion everywhere, the elegant pocket watch is now a relic of the past. The 1937 edition of the Sears Christmas Book featured a dashing men's pocket watch with a matching chain and... a pocket knife.

Not only could you look at the time at a moment's notice, but you also could go into complete survival mode in an instant. Also, imagine tracking your steps on that bad boy!

Pocket watch-knife combo in the 1937 Sears Wish Book
Stylish pocket watch in the 1937 Sears Christmas Book

Stylish watches in 1985 Sears Wish Book
Character watches in 1977 Sears Wish Book

Getting with the Times

The more glamorous designs of the late 70s and early 80s created a perfect complement to workwear, casual clothes and formal wear, though there were several notable exceptions. Pop culture-inspired watches that featured likenesses of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman helped fans show off their love of iconic brands and performers.

Though Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner may always hold a special place in our hearts, even the most devoted fans have probably tucked these trinkets away in storage.

Going Back to the Future

The 80s brought tech into the forefront, and watch manufacturers added boldly backlit LCD screens, calculators and even calendars into their designs. That's pretty gnarly!

Some watches even featured video games for totally radical, on-the-go entertainment. As seen in the 1989 Sears Wish Book, Nintendo made video-game watches so you could play awesome games like Zelda and Super Mario Brothers on the go. When you look at many of today's watches or cell phones, is it safe to say they were onto something? 

Digital watches in the 1989 Sears Wish Book
Video Games in the 1989 Sears Wish Book


Watches in the 2017 Wish Book
Smart fitness watches in the 2017 Sears Wish Book

Staying Stylish... and Connected

While calculator watches and celebrity styles may have been pretty cool at the time, these days watch fashion is all about understated elegance and connectivity. The contemporary cuts and stainless steel, silver and gold materials of men's and women's modern dress watches will beautifully complement outfits for special occasions and everyday workwear.

Unlike your vintage Casio calculator watch, a high-tech smart watch available in this year's Wish Book is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. The latest options allow you to set reminders and receive notifications right from your wrist. You can even take an important call without having to dig through a bag or purse for your phone by simply tapping a button and wirelessly connecting through Bluetooth speakers or headphones.  

Although, taking calls on that sweet pocket watch-knife combo would be pretty awesome, right?

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