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Top Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Shopping for so many people can be intimidating during the holidays, but you easily can show you care by exchanging simple and thoughtful stocking stuffers. Since great things come in small packages, you’ll be able to pick out something everyone will love. From tech gadgets that make life easier to arts and crafts kits, there are many great gifts that fit the average stocking. Here are some easy stocking stuffer ideas that anyone on your list can enjoy.

Tech Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Computer Accessories

For all the techies in your family, small computer accessories are always a good choice. Help your loved ones surf the web with ergonomic mice that conform to a hand's contours. Gamers can also take advantage of wireless models to conveniently control a laptop from a comfortable distance. From action-packed games to sports titles, make sure to throw in a pair of wireless headphones so players can enjoy an immersive experience

No matter who you’re shopping for, make sure to top off their stocking stuffers with small USB flash drives or an external hard drive. These accessories are helpful for students, gamers or people who use their computers for work.



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Digital Camera

A digital camera is a great gift for any traveler, parent or photographer in the family. From holidays and recitals to spur-the-moment golden hour shots, let your loved one mark all of life’s special moments with zoom lens and high-definition resolution. You’ll also find compact camera/camcorder combo models for shooting home movies or music videos.



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Automotive Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Emergency Supplies

Any driver should have basic emergency necessities on hand for those rare occasions. A mini emergency kit or first aid kit is perfect for a first-time driver, offering them additional peace of mind on the road. These roadside kits come with a variety of essential accessories, including tire gauges, multi-tools and flares. They're also available in compact packages to keep in the trunk or glove box.



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Car Detailing Supplies

If you know someone that loves keeping their ride squeaky clean, detailing and cleaning supplies are always thoughtful gifts. Make sure to include everything from car soaps and waxes to paint protectants and applicators. Any driver can also appreciate snow brushes and ice scrapers for when the temperature drops. You’ll find scrapers and brushes available in designs and colors to suit anyone’s personal style.



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Interior Car Accessories

Small car accessories like power outlets, visor organizers or battery chargers can make any ride more comfortable. Whether your loved one commutes to work every day or is planning a cross-country road trip, you can find the perfect accessories that help the driver stay relaxed and focused on the road. Feel free to also throw in some scented accessories like dashboard air fresheners to make the ride even more pleasant.




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Children’s Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Baby Toys

Whether you have a newborn or toddler, every child loves small baby toys. A soft stuffed animal or colorful rattles will keep your little one entertained for hours. Consider giving your bundle of joy some rubber ducks and other bath toys to make bathtime much more enjoyable. A small musical toy also fits perfectly in most stockings and provides soothing melodies to help any young child fall asleep.


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Kids’ Arts and Crafts Supplies

Inspire your little one’s creativity this holiday season with arts and crafts supplies. With some bright watercolors and a few paint brushes, any child will have the foundation for unique masterpieces. Some arts and craft kits that include paper or a coloring book are also small enough for a stocking. Consider adding extra accessories like stickers, colored pencils or crayons to stimulate self-expression.


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Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers for a toddler or teenager, small puzzles and games are fun choices and can sharpen cognitive skills. From jigsaw puzzles to Rubik’s cubes, find the right toys for any age to take their eyes away from TV or phone screen. You can also look for children’s multiplayer games so your child can enjoy playtime with siblings or friends.




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Fitness Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Fitness Tracker

Fitness gadgets and supplies are great gifts that can motivate your loved one to embrace a healthy lifestyle or stay in shape. Look for a fitness tracker that records steps taken, heart rate, sleep activity and other health vitals for a quick and easy wellness check. Find wearables that are worn around the wrist, on a cord or on a clip for a style that can please anyone.




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Encourage loved ones to amp up their cardio with some stylish and colorful workout clothing. With breathable, comfortable fabrics and designs made for any sport or routine, there is definitely something for everyone. Pick up a pair of yoga pants and a snug, moisture-wicking top for the yogi in the family. Yoga tops are supportive and comfortable, while the latest yoga pants allow for a free range of movement. Runners would love a reflective vented jacket for staying visible at night. The slinky athletic fabrics fold up nicely to fit in a stocking.




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Home Improvement Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Hand Tools

Give a do-it-yourselfer some handy equipment to work with. You can easily fit handheld tools like screwdrivers, pliers and hammers in a stocking. Encourage loved ones to cross projects off the to-do list around the house with durable, well-made tools. From wrenches to hand drills, there are many gifts you can give to help that special someone round out their collection.


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Tool Belt and Apron

Any handyperson needs a tool belt for convenient on-the-go storage and access to the most-used supplies. From working on the car in the garage to hanging drywall in the basement, a rugged utility belt will have all the pockets you need to carry the essentials for the job. If you need something suited for heavy-duty jobs, find durable, full aprons that protect clothing. Many types of shop aprons are easy to fold, making them a solid fit for any person’s stocking.


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Home-Related Stocking Stuffer Ideas


Whether you’re shopping for a college student or a culinary pro, a new set of knives can please just about anyone. From utility knives that work well to prepare most foods to specially crafted Japanese cutlery, you’ll find tableware for practically any purpose. Pick out a style or a set that works best for whatever foods the recipient prepares most often in the kitchen. You could even include a full carving set for next year’s Thanksgiving dinner.



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Craft Supplies

If you’re looking to buy for someone who loves sewing, painting, scrapbooking or other crafts, put some supplies in their stocking. Give someone the tools and materials to create a one of a kind artwork to be proud of. Whether you’re shopping for a novice or expert sewer, there are a wide variety of sewing notions, kits and latch hooks for any difficulty level. Your special someone will be able to make everything from stylish quilts to cool artwork for their space.


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