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5 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens & Adults

5 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens & Adults

Adults in Halloween costumes

Just because trick-or-treating is for the kids, that doesn't mean teens and adults can't get in on the fun. From intricate costumes with props to couples costumes for you and your partner in crime, getting creative with this year's getup will make for a fun-filled holiday. Here are some Halloween costume ideas to knock 'em dead at this year's party.

The Go-To Vampire

Sure, vampires were such a fad, but don't ditch the classics. Take this opportunity to keep the trend alive with this go-to Halloween costume. Accessorize with plenty of props that suit you and the look you're going for: fake blood, some costume jewelry and a cape are a must. And don't forget the fangs, of course.

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Man in a Vampire Slayed Costume

Woman in a Hippie Starflower Costume

Let's Do the Time Warp

Pick just about any decade in the 20th century, and run with it. From the flapper girls of the 1920s to the groovy hippie from the 1960s, dig deep into your favorite era and channel it for the evening. If you want to get a little more creative, assemble an outfit of your own that lends itself to any bygone style of your choice.

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Walk the Plank

Dress up like a good old-fashioned buccaneer for a rowdy Halloween ahead. Add plenty of props to make the costume look convincing, from a peg leg or an eye patch to a stuffed parrot to keep on your shoulder. Get even deeper into character by learning some old pirate chants, and be sure to yell "matey" or "arrr" a lot.

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Woman in a Ruby The Pirate Beauty Costume

Man in a Supreme Darth Vader Costume

Get into Character

If you want to move beyond the spooky classics, dress up as a character from your favorite movie. Assemble the look of either a contemporary or time-honored character to impress friends and family. Become Darth Vader, and use the force to liven up the party. Wrangle up a little cowboy fun with a nostalgic Woody look, or bring a little chaos to your get-together by becoming the crazy Joker from the Batman series. Ladies, remember when you dressed like a princess as a child? Well, now is your chance to relive childhood by dressing as Cinderella or Snow White one more time.

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Aww! A Cute Couple

This is always fun to do with a significant other. Coordinate your look with classic pairings like a king and queen to rule over the annual Halloween party, or get a little more creative by matching your personal styles. Tweak your costume with added props and clothing to become a famous couple like Romeo and Juliet. If you want to have a little more fun with it, link up in a well-known food pairing like bacon and eggs or cookies and milk to show everyone you belong together.

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Man and woman in a Bacon & Eggs Couples Costume Set