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Spooktacular Halloween Party Games Everyone can Enjoy

Spooktacular Halloween Party Games Everyone can Enjoy


Halloween is almost here, and it's time to put up those big, bright pumpkins on the porch and string cobwebs across the walls. A Halloween party is a great way to get family and friends together for a night of fun, food and a lot of "scares." Different games and activities not only help pass the time, but they're great ice breakers for guests. Here are some spooktacular games to consider for your Halloween party.

Family at a Halloween party

Bobbing for Apples

One of Halloween's oldest traditions, this game is a hit with both, adults and kids alike. Place a tub filled with water on the floor or outside on the patio. Drop some apples inside to float in the water, and have your guests try to catch an apple only using their teeth. The first person to do so will get a prize... or lots of candy.

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The Mummy Wrap

This game is great for all ages, but is best for pre-teens or teenagers. Divide your guests into teams of two and hand out rolls of toilet paper. Ask one person in the team to wrap the other with the toilet rolls like a mummy. The first team to finish the tissue paper will win. Make sure to take some amazing pictures of your "living mummies."

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The Feel Box

This scary game is great for children in middle school and allows you to get very creative. Line up a few boxes filled with items and cover them with a dark cloth. Let each person take a turn by sticking a hand into each box and trying to guess what’s inside. You can throw your guests off by misleading them about the contents. For instance, you can tell them one of the boxes has eyeballs when all it really has is a bunch of peeled grapes. Be prepared for a few screams coming your way.

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Pin the Tail

If little ones are coming to the party, this activity is easy and fun for tiny tots. To keep with the spirit of the holiday, choose a pin-the-tail kit featuring a black cat, pumpkin or Dracula. Blindfold the kids, and guide them to the spot where they have to pin a tail onto the body of the cat. The one who pins it closest to the spot wins the game.

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Spooky Beer Pong

If you want an adults-only activity, beer pong is always a fun game to play. To make it a bit more festive, try a slight twist. Use a mixture of orange and black cups, and swap out the white ping pong balls with Halloween-themed balls. Go with options that feature creepy eyeballs, spooky skeletons or festive pumpkins. 

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