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6 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Kiddos

6 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Kiddos

Children in Halloween costumes with parent

With the Halloween season comes spooky decorations, fun get-togethers and of course, plenty of candy. But before your kids head out to trick-or-treat, they’ll need the perfect costume. With so many ideas out there, every parent knows that it can be tough to nail down the right one. Don't worry! We got you covered. Whether it's the scary route or something cuter, check here are some Halloween costume ideas for your little one.

The Adorable Baby

Even if they're not as enthusiastic about Halloween as the older kids, getting babies or toddlers dressed up for the occasion always makes adults melt. It may be too soon for anything too scary, so why not find a costume as adorable as they are? If your little one has a favorite animal, dress him or her up with fuzzy ears, a tail or a full bodysuit. If you can't decide on an animal, go with a classic and dress your little pumpkin up as, well, a little pumpkin.

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Child in a Playful Penguin Toddler Costume

Girl in Cinderella Deluxe Halloween Costume

The Pretty Princess

If your little angel can't decide what to go as this year, consider dressing her as her favorite movie princess. From Elsa to Cinderella, she's bound to find the right leading lady to become for the night. Be sure to complete the look with a tiara or sparkly shoes, so she can really feel like royalty while she gathers candy from around her kingdom.

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The Wicked Witch

If she's already gone as a princess for, like, three straight Halloweens, go with a more seasonally appropriate route by turning her into the villain. It'll be nice for her to feel wicked for a change with an adorable witch outfit. Include a couple of props like a magic wand or toy broom, so she can enjoy casting spells while running around the neighborhood. As with any witch costume, a perfectly pointy hat is an absolute must.

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Girl in a Wicked Witch Halloween Costume

Boy in Police Halloween Costume

The Little Helper

Encourage your little helper to keep the neighborhood safe with a police officer or fireman costume. Watch as he patrols the streets and keeps the other kids safe in the pursuit of delicious Halloween candy. Include the right hat so everyone knows just who they’re dealing with, and be sure to include a toy badge to give your little guy the proper credentials.

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The Scary Ghoul

Let's be honest, boys love a spooky getup. Choose a creepy costume from ghosts and skeletons to werewolves and monsters to feed his need to be scary for the evening. Help him add even more horror to the look with fake blood and plastic weapons, and watch as he "frightens" everyone on the trick-or-treating route. After all, it is Halloween.


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Boy in a Haunted Mirror Ghoul Halloween Costume

Boy in a Deluxe Superman Costume

The Superhero

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with the right superhero costume. From Superman to Wonder Woman, there's bound to be a star hero or heroine that your little one will want to emulate for the night. When it's time to collect candy, your little avenger can pretend to fly around the neighborhood, keeping everyone safe and sound.


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