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5 Fall Adventures to Do This Season - Sears

5 Fall Adventures to Do This Season


Even you're a die-hard summer enthusiast who can't bear the thought of Labor Day, it's hard to argue with the beauty of the fall season. Between the rich reddish-gold hues and the classic family holidays, there's still plenty to enjoy even after the summer clothes are packed away. Here are 5 fall activities that you can enjoy with friends and family this season.


Running in the fall

1. Bring Home a Bushel

Find an apple orchard or pumpkin patch close to your home and enjoy a day outdoors with your family. Fresh apples can be enjoyed on their own or used to create delicious dishes like pancakes and pies that are perfect for family meals. This is also the perfect opportunity to show off some of your best fall styles by dressing in your favorite scarves, jackets and sweaters.


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2. Work Off Thanksgiving Dinner

Work up an appetite for the holidays by getting plenty of exercise. If you don't like working out outdoors during the summer due to the heat, take advantage of the cooler temperature while you get your fill of splendid autumn foliage. Plan a scenic hike, bike ride or overnight camping trip with your relatives and friends to get a little quality time off the grid.


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3. Capture the Beauty of Fall

Get your cameras and smartphones ready for leaf-peeping season. Take a road trip through long-winding country roads decked out with vibrant fall colors in all shades of red, orange and gold. Make a short holiday of it by exploring the countryside and visiting new towns and local fall festivals. 


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4. Pay Mind to Pumpkins

Last but certainly not least, get the kids involved in one of the most time-honored annual family traditions. Pumpking carving is a fun way to get your kids in on the seasonal action while also encouraging their creativity. But of course, always be sure to practice the proper safety precautions to ensure everyone has a happy and healthy season.


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5. Decorate Like You Mean It

The first step to putting the whole family in a festive fall mood is by transforming your home with seasonal decorations. Assemble a range of colorful pieces to brighten up all the rooms, including printed cushions, pumpkins and harvest wreaths. Take advantage of Halloween and Thanksgiving by making your home look the part for the family and guests alike.


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