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3 Easy Thanksgiving Table Decorating Tips - Sears

3 Easy Thanksgiving Table Decorating Tips


It's the best time of the year, with fall in all its glorious colors outside your window and the holidays just around the corner. The best Thanksgiving memories are always the ones with all family and friends gathered around the dining table, laughing, talking and sharing that scrumptious meal you prepared. A table setting forms an important part of your overall decor theme. Here are a few, easy Thanksgiving table decorating tips to keep in mind when you get set for the big day.

Harvest centerpiece on a Thanksgiving table

1. Create a Center of Attention

First things first: choose or craft a gorgeous centerpiece that is sure to draw eyes the moment your guests sit down at the dinner table. A vintage-inspired antique box of flowers is a charming addition to a wood dining table and will infuse a pop of color into the room. Add a leafy strip or basket of miniature pumpkins or gourds to celebrate the season, or keep it simple with decorative candles in fall colors that will create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

2. Put Thought Into the Details

A well-crafted Thanksgiving table involves lots of elements that come together to form a beautiful and eye-catching scene. To ensure continuity, match the color scheme of your table runner with your napkins and centerpiece. A minimalistic all-white theme may involve candles on a white, embroidered runner, paired with gold flatware and lush blooms to set the stage. If you’re still in the Halloween spirit, you can go with a dark-colored table runner as a stark contrast to copper-toned plates, gold-colored napkin rings and gilded vases filled with miniature gourds or blood-red flowers.   

3. Add a Sentimental Touch

A personal touch is important in making your guests feel warm and welcomed. Brightly colored place cards or handwritten notes next to each plate are a great way to show how happy you are to host friends and family. Keep the appearance cohesive and match the design of the cards to the theme of your table. If you want to go a step further, leave a little token of your affection beside each person’s plate. These could be anything from a customized gift to a fall-inspired accent.


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