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5 Essential Kitchen Prep Tips for Thanksgiving - Sears

5 Essential Kitchen Prep Tips for Thanksgiving


Instead of scrambling around a hot, cramped kitchen while preparing your Thanksgiving feast this year, save yourself some valuable time and energy by planning ahead. Just a little coordinating and cleaning will go a long way, and you'll even have an excuse to upgrade some of your outdated cooking equipment. Be thankful for this turkey day with these five helpful kitchen prep tips.

Beautiful Thanksgiving kitchen spread

1. Upgrade Your Gadgets

Update your cooking and serving space with amazing new small kitchen appliances and kitchen gadgets that make food prep an absolute breeze. Try and think ahead to create a checklist of necessary supplies, like serveware, storage for leftovers and cooking utensils. If your cookware has seen better days, it might be time to upgrade to a sleek and modern set of pots and pans.

2. Clean Your Appliances

Properly maintaining your cooking tools will help ensure that there aren't any unexpected surprises to put a kink in your plans this Thanksgiving. Scrub the oven thoroughly and calibrate the thermostat. If you have a gas cooktop, check the burners for clogging and clean the grates to prevent grease from accumulating. Microwaves should be wiped down and kept ready for heating and baking.

3. Empty the Fridge

You’re going to need to a whole lot of room to store ingredients and leftovers from the big meal. Throw out old food and condiments in the fridge that have expired. Take a second to wipe down any dirty surfaces before coordinating the contents to maximize your storage space. Don't forget to check and clear out the freezer as well.

4. Clear the Countertop

Feeling cramped while you cook is uncomfortable and can really slow you down. Create as much counter space as possible for food prep by removing any unnecessary items, including decorations and small appliances you won't need. Give the surface a good wipe down and you can breath easier knowing that you'll be able to spread out as necessary while you work.

5. Set Up a Serving Station

With all your beautiful china out for the season, it’s important to have a dedicated place to set it all up. If there isn't enough counter space for all the plates, bowls, trays and silverware, creating extra room is simple with a classic folding table that can be set up and taken down in an instant.