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5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas that are Dad Approved

Dad and son playing in the yard

Look, we’re sure your dad just loves getting a new novelty tie for Father’s Day, but why not change it up a bit? We’ve got some great gift ideas that are sure to win you a solid pat on the back from your pops. Let’s take a look at 5 things your dad is sure to love.

The DIY Dad

Whether he’s giving the family car a tune-up or adding a fresh coat of paint to the house, he’ll love some new gear to tackle any project he has in mind. With some fresh tools, your dad will be itching to finish everything you added to his honey-do list.

What he might need:

Dad and son working on a project

Dad and daughter cooking on the grill

The Grill Master Dad

If your dad loves manning the flames and whipping up some great BBQ, then he’ll love having some new tools in his culinary tool box. Plus, these gifts will just help you enjoy even more delectable burgers and veggies all summer long.

What he might need:

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The Style Dad

Could your dad’s wardrobe use a little freshening up? Probably. Get him some great new clothes that he’d love to wear around the house, office or gym, so he’s always looking his best.

What he might need:

Dad shopping with the family

Dad and son mowing the lawn

The Green-Thumbed Dad

Does your dad’s happy place look like some tall grass, a lawn mower and a fresh tank of gas? Then you’re going to want to get him some new lawn tools to help him manicure the yard to perfection. Let’s take a look at some things to help him get the best lawn on the block.

What he might need:

The Sports Fan Dad

If your dad always seems to be in the middle of one sport or another, then you’ll want to get him some fan gear to show off his love of the game. Whether it’s a wall clock, a new sweatshirt or some tailgating gear, you’ll find the perfect gift to help him cheer his hardest.

What he might need:

Dad and son watching sports

5 Father's Day Gift Ideas that are Dad Approved