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Show Some Love: 5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Show Some Love: 5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him


Let's face it! Guys can be tricky to shop for, whether they're DIY dudes, gearheads or man-cave dwellers. A dozen roses and a card won't cut it this year. Distract him with a chocolate heart while you check out these Valentine's Day gift ideas for the special guy in your life.

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1. Boys Never Get Tired of Toys

Some men love the trendiest gadgets and spend lots of time researching, analyzing and figuring out what to add to their collection. If you plan in advance, you can find exactly what his eyes are on. It could be a fancy pair of Bluetooth speakers, the latest smart watch, or a new game console for his man cave. With one of these sweet tech toys, you're sure to receive some extra love this Valentine's Day.

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2. Prince Charming Should Clean Up Well

Does your man like shopping for clothes, or is he the type that couldn't be bothered? Either way you'd be earning some brownie points by sprucing up his closet. From everyday apparel to formal wear like suits, jackets and dress wear, you have a vast style base to choose from. Think about getting him something he really needs or treat your special guy to an entire wardrobe makeover. It wouldn't hurt for both of you to get decked up and go out to celebrate this extra special day of love.

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3. Accessories Work Both Ways

As much as ladies love pretty scarves and delicate gold jewelry, guys also love stylish accessories. Instead of watching your special someone deliberate for hours trying to pick out the right watch, consider a special timepiece that looks sophisticated and comes with interactive features. Other thoughtful gifts might include a pair of monogrammed cufflinks, a fine leather wallet or a fancy silk tie for his wardrobe. You can never go wrong with essential accessories.

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4. A Man Gets the Job Done with a Full Toolbox

If your man is always starting big DIY projects or just putting things back together, he can never have too many tools. Whether it's a car not starting or a broken sink, make sure the workshop has everything from wrenches and ratchets to screwdrivers and drills. Consider efficient mechanics tool sets or combo kits for the ideal Valentine's Day gift. These sets come with 20, 50 or even 250 pieces so any task is easy to complete.

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5. What Really Makes Him Tick?

What does he love? Is your man a bookworm? Does he enjoy a weekend in the wilderness? Maybe he's honing his skills around the kitchen. Show your knight in shining armor how much you care with a gift basket filled with all the stuff you know he'll love. It could be a box full of novels, a set of camping gear or an amazing collection of top-of-the-line kitchen appliances.


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