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Men's Spring & Summer Shoes: 5 Styles You Need Now

Men's Spring & Summer Shoes: 5 Styles You Need Now

Man in summer outfit and shoes

From work to weekend, your feet see a lot of action. Don't let your shoes be an afterthought. Level up in comfort and style with shoes that fit both you and your lifestyle. We suggest starting here, with our top five men's spring and summer shoe styles for 2018.

The Brown Oxford

Not black, not gray. The brown oxford shoe gets top marks for its sleek look and modern presentation just right for warmer months. The lighter color eases the formality of a black suit, and adds subtle contrast to gray and navy suits. Plus, it completes a casual outfit with class.

Consider this: Details. You'll get more wear out of a smooth finish than you will with elaborate brogue detailing, which is better left for winter looks.


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The Casual Loafer

Canvas reshapes the classic loafer for casual days. Its low profile look is best matched with khakis and shorts, but don't let the laid-back appeal fool you. The closed toe and classic styling maintain a polished look suited more for the city than the beach.

Consider this: Comfort. Look for features like fabric lining and cushioned insoles to protect from friction and reduce impact.


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The Fisherman Sandal

This is one sandal that is ready to take on summer. The fisherman sandal combines style and function, offering an open design for cool comfort and a thick, treaded sole to handle any terrain. The covered toe affords more protection from outdoor hazards like gravel and branches, or other people's stompy feet.

Consider this: Material. Faux or genuine leather make a fisherman sandal more of an everyday option, while soft fabric designs like neoprene are more athletic.

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The Flip-Flop

Forget the foam. These flip-flops provide just as much comfort as a gym shoe, offering relief with memory foam cushioning and a lightweight canvas thong strap. Shorts, swimsuits and even jeans benefit from the style of these durable sandals.

Consider this: The sole. Treads are essential for maintaining traction, whether by the pool or on the sidewalk.


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The Sneaker

Not all sneakers need to hit the gym. Look for kicks with a low profile and slick detailing to capitalize on the season’s retro trend. Classic white is the way to go – it gives you more options for casual wear in the summer, and can even be worn with shorts.

Consider this: Socks. When wearing sneakers with shorts, you'll get the most modern and streamlined look by going sockless. If socks are a must, opt for a low-cut or no-show design.

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