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Craftsman Flex Claw Hammer

Craftsman Flex Claw Hammer

Craftsman Flex Claw Hammer

More than "just a hammer", this flex claw hammer lets you strike, pry, start and remove nails with ease and increased leverage. Ideal for DIYers of all levels, it features a large striking surface and a comfort grip so you'll worry less about denting your work surface, slippage or getting bruised fingers.

Product Specifications

Craftsman 18-Ounce Flex Claw Hammer: #50845

Craftsman 24-Ounce Flex Claw Hammer: #11231

Four Unique Claw Positions: One tool does the work of many. You can access and pry nails and boards with increased leverage. This tool can strike, pry, start and remove nails with ease.

Large Striking Head Surface: You're likely to have a perfect strike every time with the large face on this hammer head. No more material dents or bruised fingers!

Robust Steel Construction and Clear Coat Finish: Shaft and claw are forged of carbon steel for maximum strength and finished with clear coat to help prevent corrosion and rust.

Comfort Grip: Designed for comfort when prying, this grip also helps prevent slippage when swinging the hammer with force.

Watch our video to see all the features!

Check It Out

This claw hammer also features a magnetic nail starter, positioned just beneath the head of the hammer. The built-in magnet holds the nail in place for quick and easy one hand nail starting.