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Product Insight: Craftsman TruGrip Pliers Set

Product Insight: Craftsman TruGrip Pliers Sets


These TruGrip™ pliers sets offer innovations that will help you work comfortably as you maintain control.

Common Features and Benefits

No-Budge Grip: You can feel the secure grip as you cut wire, hold screws in place or apply torque to loosen old bolts.

Craftsman Lifetime Warranty: Gives you peace of mind.

CM Pliers

Product Specifications

28074 Craftsman TruGrip Pliers

Two-Piece Pliers Set: #28074


  • 7" Arc Joint
  • 9½" Arc Joint
28068 Craftsman TruGrip Pliers

Three-Piece Pliers Set: #28068


  • 8" Long Nose
  • 6¾" Slip Joint
  • 9½" Arc Joint
28070 Craftsman TruGrip Pliers

Four-Piece Pliers Set: #28070


  • 7" Diagonal
  • 8" Long Reach Long Nose
  • 6¾" Slip Joint
  • 9½" Arc Joint

Check it Out

See how these new pliers offer great improvement over previous items:

Craftsman TruGrip Arc Joint Pliers

Arc Joint Pliers: Provide four times the grip force,1 and can be adjusted into several positions for greater versatility (9½", five positions and 7", four positions).

Craftsman TruGrip Long Nose Pliers

Long Nose Pliers: Feature an improved joint design, offering more leverage and up to 17% less effort when it comes to cutting.2 Also provides 14 times the cutting force.3 (item #28110).

Craftsman TruGrip Diagonal Pliers

Diagonal Pliers: Over two times stronger handle than before4 and high leverage joint provides user with 16 times the cutting force.3

Craftsman TruGrip Longnose Pliers

Long Reach Long Nose Pliers: Precision-machined crosshatch teeth assist with two and a half times maximum grip force.5

Craftsman TruGrip Slip Joint Pliers

Slip Joint Pliers: Include three work surfaces with two adjustable jaw openings, providing two times the gripping force.6

1Based on joint placement jaws and end of handle.

2Compared to Craftsman #45103 pliers.

3Based on joint placement between start of cutting edge and end of handle.

4Compared to Craftsman #45076 pliers.

5Compared to Craftsman #45085 pliers.

6Compared to Craftsman #45379 pliers.