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Craftsman Extreme Grip Screwdriver Set

Craftsman Extreme Grip™ Screwdriver Set

Craftsman Extreme Grip™ Screwdriver Set

Anyone with a tough job to do will appreciate this new addition to the Craftsman Extreme GRIP platform. This screwdriver set is designed to make loosening, tightening and starting faster and easier. Dual-material handles provide a comfortable grip and help reduce slippage. Plus, all Extreme GRIP items are backed by the Craftsman Hand Tool Full Warranty.

Product Specifications

Craftsman 14-Pc. Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set: #50844

Diamond-Coated Tips: This coating creates the best friction between screwdriver tips and fasteners, which reduces slippage and aids in removing stripped screws.

Laser-Marked Shanks: Makes it easy for you to find the size you need.

Versatile Sizes: Include standard, stubby and long-reach screwdrivers to provide you with improved access for working in both tight spaces and hard-to-reach locations.

Ask an Expert

How many times have you struggled with rounded, stripped and hard-to-reach fasteners?

Extreme GRIP tools are engineered to give you more gripping power on nuts, bolts and screws. Diamond-coated tips on these screwdrivers bite into stripped and rounded screw heads, while the breaker wrench adjusts to tackle stubborn fasteners.