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Craftsman Smart Levels

Craftsman Smart Levels

Craftsman Smart Levels

It's easy to do your level best with these tools. Thanks to built-in LED indicator lights, just a glance at these tools will tell you if your work is level or not. No bubbles needed! They can even help you determine level measurements on angles. A magnetic bottom adds convenience and they’re built to stand up to rugged use.

Common Features and Benefits

Craftsman Smart Levels - #51055 - 12", #51056 - 24", #51057 - 48"

LED Light Indicator: This innovative feature lets you know if the project is level without checking a vial bubble. A solid green LED indicator means the item is perfectly level. A flashing green light means level is .002" off center.

Multiple Measurements: Multiple vials provide measurements on 180°, 90° or 45° angles.

Lightweight: Aluminum alloy construction is strong but lightweight, making it easy for you to maneuver the level around obstacles.

Magnetic Bottom: Like a third hand, this level allows you to use other tools by adhering to metal surfaces.

Professional I-Beam Construction: Provides long-lasting durability. These smart levels have been
tested to ensure that they will keep working, even when dropped.

Check it out

Go to the store and try one of these levels! You’ll see how the level lights up when you place it on a store shelf.