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Craftsman Heavy-Duty Floor Jacks

Craftsman Heavy-Duty Floor Jacks

Craftsman Heavy-Duty Floor Jacks

Built with strength and safety in mind, these Craftsman® heavy-duty floor jacks are indispensable when it comes to making vehicle or heavy equipment repairs.

Common Features and Benefits

High Standards: All Craftsman jacks meet or exceed the latest AMSE PASE 2014 standards. 

Safety Overload Valve Bypass System: Helps protect you from jack damage or injury.

360° Pivot Rear Casters: These casters make it easy for you to position the lift.

Steel Construction: Provides lasting durability and strength.

Product Specifications


2-Ton Aluminum Steel Floor Jack -#50102

Lightweight and Low Profile: Ideal for high performance vehicles or vehicles with minimal ground clearance.

Lifting Capacity: Accommodates up to 4,000 lbs.

Lift Height: Raises heavy loads 3.87" to 18" H.


3-Ton Floor Jack -#50139

Compact Storage: Members can easily store this jack in their trunk, so it's ideal for roadside emergencies.

360-Degree Pivot: Offers flexibility and a clear view.

Lifting Capacity: Accommodates up to 6,000 lbs.

Lift Height: Raises heavy loads 5.5" to 19.25"H.


4-Ton Low-Profile/High Lift Service Jack -#50168

Low Profile/High Lift Design: Allows members to work on vehicles with minimal ground clearance as well as heavy vehicles such as SUVs.

Heavy-Duty Chassis: Provides strength and durability.

Lifting Capacity: Accommodates up to 8,000 lbs.

Lift Height: Raises heavy loads from 4" to 20"H.


Ask an Expert

Can these jacks handle all types of vehicles?

The floor jack should be in proportion to the vehicle. A large vehicle requires a larger jack, while a smaller vehicle needs a smaller one. Moreover, it never hurts to have both as car purchases and the numbers of drivers can change over time.

Are these heavy-duty floor jacks only for garage use?

These jacks are ideal for garage use. If you will be using your floor jack outside or in rough conditions, smaller more portable jacks are a better option.

How About That!

Did you know that your heavy-duty floor jack will work more efficiently if it is purged from time to time? It's easy to do and will help keep your jack working at peak performance.

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