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302-Piece Mechanics Tool Set


302-piece Mechanics Tool Set

This Craftsman 302-piece Mechanics Tool Set features sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers and more. It’s great for engine rebuilds, fast tune-ups and a variety of little jobs around the house. This set is designed to help you get many jobs done.

Product Details

302-piece Mechanics Tool Set

84T Thin Profile Ratchets — Increased tooth count provides better access and gets the job done quicker by turning sockets with only 4.5 degrees of ratcheting arc.

Sleek Thin-Profile Head — Provides better access to work in tight spaces.

Ergonomic Ratchet Handle Design — Makes the tools comfortable to use.

Craftsman Lifetime Warranty — Tools are versatile, strong and durable for years of use (screwdriver bits are not covered under the lifetime warranty).

Includes 14 Reversible Ratcheting Combination Wrenches — Simply flip the reversing switch and quickly remove the fastener. They’re great when working in tight spaces, as the wrenches will turn a fastener in as little as five degrees of swing.

Includes — 187 sockets, three 84-tooth ratchet drivers, 14 reversible ratcheting combination wrenches, 20 ignition wrenches, eight extension bars, six screwdrivers, one spinner handle, 40 hex keys and a 22-piece bit set with a magnetic handle. These allow you to tackle many jobs.

16 Socket Rails — Help keep sockets organized for easy storage and access.

Ask An Expert

Be sure to use the correct-size socket or wrench on the appropriate fastener. Also, never use a cheater bar to increase leverage. And it’s important to keep tools free of moisture or other foreign materials.

Check It Out!

The Thin Profile 84T ratchet has more clicks, which means the arc to advance the fastener is less. Plus, the thin-profile head provides great access in tight spots.

These high-piece-count sets are great for someone looking to do heavier-duty jobs that will require more tool options. The set will make a great gift for DIY’ers, or a nice treat for yourself! These are also great starter sets for Vo-Tech students.