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540-Piece Mechanics Tool Set


540-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

This strong 540-Piece Mechanics Tool Set includes screwdrivers, wrenches, nut drivers and dozens of sockets. From simple tasks like battery replacement and tune-ups to pulling engines and brake replacements, this set will never let you down. And since they come with a lifetime guarantee, you can be sure they’ll last forever!

Product Details

540-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

84T Thin Profile Ratchets — Increased tooth count provides better access and gets the job done quicker by turning sockets with only 4.5 degrees of ratcheting arc.

Sleek Thin-Profile Head — Provides better access to work in tight spaces.

Ergonomic Ratchet Handle Design — Makes the tools comfortable to use.

Craftsman Lifetime Warranty — Tools are versatile, strong and durable for years of use (screwdriver bits are not covered under the lifetime warranty).

Upgraded to Full-Polish Flare Nut Wrenches — The sleek, full-polish finish is easy to clean.

Wrench Sockets Replaced by Full-Polish Stubby Wrenches — Stubby wrenches provide access in difficult-to-reach spots.

Includes — 312 sockets in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" drive sizes; three quick-release ratchets; Thin Profile 84T; quick-release flex ratchet; three flex handles; 19 drive accessories (12 extension bars, three universal joints, four adapters); 16 full-polish reversible ratcheting wrenches; 36 combo raised panel wrenches; 18 box end raised panel wrenches; 20 ignition wrenches; 15 specialty wrenches (nine full-polish flare nuts, five tappets, half moon); 24 screwdrivers; spinner handle; 14 nut drivers; two pliers; 40 hex keys; 16 full-polish stubbies.

Ask An Expert

Be sure to use the correct-size socket or wrench on the appropriate fastener. Also, never use a cheater bar to increase leverage. And it’s important to keep tools free of moisture or other foreign materials.

Check It Out!

Ask a sales associate to show you the Thin Profile 84T ratchet compared to the traditional tear-drop ratchet. Note the increased number of clicks, which means the arc to advance the fastener is less. Plus, the thin-profile head provides great access in tight spots.

These high-piece-count sets are great for someone looking to do heavier-duty jobs that will require more tool options. The set will make a great gift for DIY’ers, or a nice treat for yourself! These are also great starter sets for Vo-Tech students.