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Craftsman 42-Piece Bit Socket Wrench Set


Craftsman 42-Piece Bit Socket Wrench Set

This 42-piece Craftsman tool set is equipped to turn Torx, external Torx, hex and other standard fastener heads with more power than a driver. It comes with a fast turning ratchet that delivers serious torque, and it’s packaged in a protective blow molded case that repels moisture and is easily portable.

Product Details

42-piece 1/4" and 3/8" Drive Bit and Torx Bit Socket Wrench Set

3/8" Drive Quick-Release Nickel-Chrome-Plated Ratchet — Switches sockets fast and resists rust and corrosion.

Variety of Sockets — 16 internal and external Torx bit sockets; six slotted and Philips bit sockets; and 17 hex bit sockets. This offers a variety of specialty bit sockets to help tackle jobs more efficiently.

6" Extension Bar and 1/4" Adapter — Accessory tools provide added access and ability to use all sockets included in the set.

How About That!

  • The 42-piece bit socket wrench set makes an excellent addition to any toolbox, providing the ability to work on many different fasteners — like Hex and Torx — while benefitting from the speed of ratcheting.
  • Sears Labs USA sets the performance for all Craftsman products, and they must go through a rigorous testing process prior to being sold under the Craftsman name.