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Power Tool Battery Maintenance

Power Tool Battery Maintenance

power tool battery maintenance

When it comes to cordless power tools, they're only as useful as their battery lasts. Getting the most from cordless drills, saws and more will require taking care of their power source. Here are some simple tips & tricks to ensure you get the most life out of your cordless power tool batteries.

Charged…but not TOO charged

This one is a tough act to balance but is key to battery longevity. You don't want to run a battery all the way down to the end and leave it empty. You also don't want to leave your battery sitting on the charger for days at a time. Once you see your battery has fully charged, it's best to remove it and set it to the side to avoid over charging.

Use it or lose it

Leaving a battery idle for too long is also a prime way to reduce its life (who knew?). If you use your power tools somewhat sparingly and can get away with a corded model, then opt for that. Regularly using the tools will help keep your batteries healthy.

power tool maintenance

battery maintenance

Watch the temp

Whether you're working in the sun or the continuous use causes an increase in heat, you need to be mindful of the temperature. Heat is a classic battery killer. If the battery gets hot, unplug it from the tool and place it in the shade for it to cool. Once it has cooled off you can get back to work.

Storage is key

It's easy to want to toss the battery in your tool box once you're done working. Before you wash up after working all day, make sure to put the batteries back in their original carrying case or put the plastic cap back over the terminals. Scratched or dented terminals will discharge improperly or possibly not at all, leaving you and your tools powerless. Once in the case, place them in a cool, dry place in your workshop or garage.