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Craftsman Router Bit Sets

Craftsman Router Bit Sets

Craftsman Router Bit Sets

Both beginning and veteran woodworkers will get plenty of use out of these versatile router bit sets from Craftsman. Designed for high performance and lasting durability, these bits are ideal for a variety of woodworking projects.

Common Features and Benefits

High-Grade Alloy Steel - For strength and shock resistance.

Uniform Grain Carbide Edges - Ensure lasting durability.

Precision-Ground Cutting Edges - Deliver precise shapes.

¾" Shank - Compatible with most popular routers.

Premium Ball Bearing - Gives you more control as you trim.

Works Up To 27,000 RPM - Provides plenty of torque and power for a variety of projects.

Wood Storage Cases - Feature graphic labels so you can glance, grab and get to work.

Product Details

30-Piece Router Bit Set - #26366

Assortment of 30 Router Bits - Offers a variety of applications.

Storage Case With Window - For easy bit identification.


Craftsman 10-Piece Router Bit Set - #26002

10 Popular Carbide-Tipped Router Bits - Ideal for common projects.


Craftsman 6-Piece Router Bit Set - #26004

Six Highly Popular Carbide-Tipped Router Bits - Make a great starter set or replacement set.

Ask An Expert

Can these router bits be re-sharpened?

Yes, but you must be careful to maintain the shape and to keep the edges in balance.

What is the function of a bearing on some bits?

A bearing guides the bit along material edges. This gives you greater control for trimming and assists with straighter lines.

Why do some bits not have bearing guides?

Generally, bearings need a surface to ride on. When you are cutting shapes into the material, there is no need for a bearing. This means that no bearing is needed for making plunges, grooves, dovetails, slots or channels.

How do I care for my router bits?

Caring for router bits is easy. When stored in a reusable case, tray or rack, you can keep bits organized and away from other tools.