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Craftsman Wide Tool Chests


Craftsman Wide Tool Chests

Beyond their amazing price points, you will be floored by all that these Craftsman tool chests have to offer! Both the 41" and 52" tool storage platforms feature a completely new design. They are the first Craftsman combos to feature soft-close drawer slides and have other features you will appreciate.

Common Features and Benefits

Lid Stiffener: Adds strength and rigidity and boasts an embossed Craftsman logo.

Gas Cover Struts: Hold the cover in the open position.

Bail Side Handles: Assist with easy positioning.

I-Frame Construction: For lasting strength and durability.

Reinforcing Caster Angles: These brackets provide additional strength and support.

Two Colors: You can choose from traditional Craftsman red/black or all black.

Integrated Power Strip: Six outlets and two USB ports let you easily charge power tools and other devices inside the chest.

Open Till Design: The chest cover opens to reveal a deep storage area for power tools.

Soft-Close 100-Lb. Ball-Bearing Drawer Slides: Ensure gently closing, smooth-rolling drawers.

Stylized Casters: Support up to 1,500 lbs. overall and measure 5" x 2".

10-Year Limited Warranty: Gives you peace of mind.

Product Specifications

Eight-Drawer Top Chest- #58650 (Red/Black), #58652 (Black)

Dimensions: 52"W x 16"D x 24.5"H

Storage: 14,014 Cu. In.

10-Drawer Rolling Cart - #58651 (Red/Black), #58653 (Black)

Dimensions: 52"W x 18"D x 37"H

Storage: 18,532 Cu. In.  

Six-Drawer Top Chest  - #58640 (Red/Black), #58643 (Black)

Dimensions: 41"W x 16"D x 24.5"H

Storage: 10,992 Cu. In.  

10-Drawer Rolling Cart - #58641 (Red/Black), #58644 (Black)

Dimensions: 41"W x 18"D x 37"H

Storage: 14,092 Cu. In.  


How About That!

Visit a store and open the drawer labeled, "Try Me." This drawer contains a weight that simulates a drawer full of tools so you can see how the soft-close feature gently pulls it closed when you give it a push.

Check out the deep open till chest design. You can store your power tools here, but also charge them with the integrated power strip containing six outlets and two USB ports.

Check it Out

If you need to find important information such as the unit number and the service parts phone number, they are located on a small white tag inside the unit and also on the service parts list included with the unit.

A common customer question is "What do I do if I lose my key?" or "How do I get a replacement key?" You only need to know the four-digit code engraved on the face of the lock. Then simply call Sears Parts and Services with this code and a new key can be purchased.