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Clutter to Clear: 6 Tips for Organizing Your Tool Box

Clutter to Clear: 6 Tips for Organizing Your Tool Box


Being a homeowner comes with lots of responsibility, and lots of responsibility requires lots of tools. From nuts and bolts to giant power tools, it’s surprising how easily your collection can take on a life of its own. Keeping all of your tools neatly organized makes a huge difference when it comes to taking on emergency fixes and planned projects alike. Make sure you always have the right tool at the ready with these 6 tips on keeping your tool box organized.


Cluttered tool box

1. Keep Your Go-Tos Handy

Your portable tool carrier should hold the tools you use most often. Keep your everyday workhorses like screwdrivers, hammers, pliers and a tape measure in your tool box so they're always ready to go. Larger devices like sanders, saws and power tools should be reserved for a pegboard or heavy-duty tool chest in the garage or tool shed. If you have large tool sets, keep the entire collection in the drawer of a combination tool chest.

2. Don't Forget the Little Guys

Tiny bolts, screws, nails and nuts seem to just lose themselves, don't they? Don't waste precious time digging around the bottom of your tool box. If you have a large box or chest, keep these pieces organized in different plastic containers. If your portable tool chest or box has a tray, you can also use it to store small components.

3. Divide & Conquer

Slide-in and removable trays not only create separate areas to hold small tools or bits, but they also act as dividers in a tool box. You can use these to hold small components at the top of a storage unit while leaving space for large tools at the bottom. When you have multiple tool sets in one drawer, consider using metal, wood or cardboard dividers to keep them from getting mixed together.

Organized tool box

4. Put a Label on It

If you use a large tool chest with lots of variations of similar tools, it can be difficult to keep track of different components. Add labels on each drawer to make sure all your tools end up in the correct spot when you're done, and stop opening every drawer to find the one you need.

5. Ditch the Dead Weight

When you come across a busted tool, don't hold onto it. If it's no longer under warranty and severely damaged, it's not worth the space it occupies. Keeping broken tools in your chest or box just creates unwanted clutter.


6. Clean Up Shop

Furniture assembly kits typically come with Allen wrenches, small screwdrivers and other components. Over time, you can accumulate several of the exact same tool. If you already have these tools as part of your collection, don't bother keeping them. Consider either giving them away or throwing them out.