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Craftsman Extreme Grip™ 12" Breaker Wrench

Craftsman Extreme Grip 12" Breaker Wrench

Craftsman Extreme GRIP 12" Breaker Wrench

Sometimes the hardest part of breaking a fastener is getting a good grip. That won't be a problem with this new addition to the Craftsman Extreme GRIP lineup, the breaker wrench. Its serrated jaws bite into fasteners and then self-adjust so the grip is just right, whether standard or metric. Dual-material handles provide a comfortable, non-slip grip. The breaker wrench has 13 times more gripping Power1 and is backed by the Craftsman Hand Tool Full Warranty.

Product Specifications

Craftsman 12" Breaker Wrench - #50846

Serrated Jaws: Spring-loaded to self adjust for gripping and breaking tight and rounded fasteners.

Slip Joint Locking Button: Allows for easy adjustment to fit both standard and metric hex fasteners, even when rounded.

Handy Thumb Nub: Using this nub, you can easily open the claw with their thumb to engage the workpiece.

1On rounded fasteners, compared to Craftsman 5/8" open end wrench.

Ask an Expert

How many times have you struggled with rounded, stripped and hard-to-reach fasteners?

Extreme GRIP tools are engineered to give you more gripping power on nuts, bolts and screws. Diamond-coated tips on these screwdrivers bite into stripped and rounded screw heads, while the breaker wrench adjusts to tackle stubborn fasteners.