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Tech 101: What is an HDD? - Sears

Tech 101: What is an HDD?

The HDD, or hard disk drive, is the filing cabinet for your computer. It permanently saves, files, photos, videos and various program data so that is can be accessed every time you boot up your computer. They work by retrieving saved info from a spinning magnetic disk. The HDD is typically located inside the desktop computer or laptop, but external models are available to act as a backup or ample data storage.

Because of their internal components, HDDs are somewhat larger compared to other computer components, and can take up more energy as they operate, for example by draining the battery of a laptop more quickly during heavy use. Due to the moving parts, you need to take care not to knock the hard drive as it can damage the data stored or its retrieval.

what is an hdd

Benefits of HDD storage

  • Permanently saves and stores your important filesfor easy access.
  • Use an external HDD to add more storage space to any computer, or transfer large files and folders easily.