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Everything You Need to Know About Recycling Electronics

by Daniel Reinhardt
You're probably well aware that recycling plays an important role in keeping the planet clean and safe, but have you ever thought about where to recycle electronics? In the past, it took a lot of time and effort to find a place that wanted your old, possibly dusty gadgets. Fortunately, that's no longer the case.
Today, there are a number of ways to recycle electronics. From retailer programs to non-profit initiatives, recycling efforts have gained a lot of traction in recent years. So say goodbye to the frustration of not knowing where to recycle your electronics, or feeling guilty about filling up the landfills with old batteries (which is actually illegal in some states). Here's what you need to know about recycling your old electronics.
Take Advantage of Manufacturer or Retailer Recycling Programs
A surprising number of manufacturers and retailers offer nationwide take-back programs with in-store drop-off. These initiatives vary between manufacturers and retailers, so be sure to research the specifics about your local program. Some electronics recycling programs may take place in-store, at permanent drop-off sites, at company-sponsored events or even online. There may also be a mail-in recycling option for smaller electronics or a haul-away service for heavy electronics. Yes, that's right. The retailer will actually haul your old refrigerator away for you!
Check Out Nonprofit or Government Recycling Programs
Many nonprofit organizations and government agencies offer their own recycling programs for electronics. For example, Call2Recycle is a public program with over 30,000 drop-off locations nationwide for cell phones and batteries. If your town does not offer a recycling program for electronics, you can also find a nearby recycling center to properly dispose of your unwanted electronics.
Sell Your Unwanted Electronics Online
Remember the old adage, "One man's trash is another man's treasure"? There's a reason why it has been passed on for so long: it's true. Selling your electronics is a great way to recycle them, and selling them online is a way to recycle that's both convenient and fairly straightforward. Through online sales, you can make some money while helping the environment, and you never have to leave your couch. There's bound to be someone out there who would love to buy your old Nintendo!
Whether you sell your electronic goods, give them to a buddy or donate them to a local charity or consignment shop, there are plenty of ways to recycle. In fact, with so many options, the question now isn't where to recycle electronics, but when? Recycling is a beautiful thing, so get out there today and have a little fun while you do.