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Five Reasons to Be King (or Queen) of the Road with a Tablet

by John Montesi
Remember the old days of summer vacation, when you packed more books than you could ever read "just in case," and always had to remember to grab film for the camera and toys for the kids? All those vacation survival accessories needed their own suitcase!
Today, with the advent of smartphones and tablets, what once filled a duffel bag now fits neatly in a purse or backpack. And because there's such a variety of tablets for sale, there's an option for every traveler. Here are five reasons you need a tablet for your next vacation:
1. They're great for book lovers. You used to cram as many paperback romance novels and murder mysteries into your carry-on bag as you possibly could, optimistically thinking you'd knock out those page-turners while lying on the beach all day, but you never seemed to get it right. You either packed light and ran out of reading material or packed way too much and ended up with a bunch of sandy, unread books. Thankfully, tablets take the guesswork out of packing. Tablets can store more books than you can read in a lifetime, and the pages don't blow to the ending and spoil the mystery when you set them down on your lounge chair.
2. You can share them with the whole family. The only thing better than having plenty to read while you travel is having quiet kids for the whole flight or drive. With plenty of movie options and games, there's something for every age level and interest. Your older kids might tell you which tablet to get based on the games that it supports, and you might want to heed their advice to ensure a quiet, happy ride.
3. They can save your pride. Perhaps the best thing tablets have forever put to rest is the cliché that dads refuse to ask for directions. Gone are the days of stressful map reading and impossible map folding. Instead, the map applications, which perhaps appear too small on your smartphone, are easier to read on tablets and are ready to take you to your destination. They can guide you from the airport rental-car counter to your beachside resort, and tell you which restaurants are worth visiting along the way.
4. They store all your memories. Without film to fiddle with or questions about exposure and developing, many more pictures get taken and posted using tablets. The large screen makes it easy to find your favorite photos to share, see who needs red-eye reduction and spot which kid gave mom the bunny ears! Whether your idea of a photo album is uploading pictures directly to Facebook or ordering a printed photo album right from the beach, a tablet will help you capture and share your special moments.
5. They keep you up-to-date on your favorite shows. Tablets have taken portability and convenience to a whole new level. Remember when going on vacation meant missing out on an episode of your favorite TV show? Thankfully, that's no longer the case. Using a free app provided by your cable company, you can stream most live network TV channels on your tablet. In addition, apps like Hulu Plus stream the most recent episodes of your favorite shows over the internet. With a tablet, you can enjoy watching the latest episode of Modern Family as you peacefully recline on your hammock.
Tablets are the perfect travel companion, and with so many to choose from, you're certain to find tablets for sale that meet your needs. Before planning your next getaway, choose the device that suits you best. When you're writing your next blog from a sandy Caribbean beach, you'll be glad you did.