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Six Best Tablet Accessories for Travel

by Carli Velocci

Tablets are light, affordable and can do just about anything your home computer can do. That makes them the perfect companion if you're a commuter or frequent traveler. Whether you're a seasoned tablet aficionado or are just starting to embrace these portable devices, there are a few essentials you need to make your user experience easier than ever. Here are the six best tablet accessories you'll want to pick up before heading out on your next trip:

1. A Carrying Case

Gravity is no tech owner's friend, and without proper care, tablets can get banged up easily. The best way to protect your device from physical damage, whether it's caused by being tossed around in a bag or dropped onto the floor, is with a tablet carrying case. These come in many varieties with different levels of durability, but there's one for each tablet size and shape. Some function as both a case to protect your tablet and a stand to prop it up. You can even purchase cases with handy slots for other accessories, such as your credit cards or a stylus. Speaking of which...

2. A Stylus

This pen-like accessory serves multiple purposes. You can use it to interact with your touch screen without causing fingerprint smudges, or use it as a pen to draw and make notes in your tablet. Some styluses have even more functions, working both as tablet accessories and as regular pens, for those times when you just prefer paper.

3. A Portable Keyboard

Tablets come with built-in touch-screen keyboards, but there is a certain comfort and ease of use that only physical keyboards can provide. Luckily, you can buy a separate keyboard that you can hook up to your tablet. Certain brands have specific keyboards that you can hook up, so keep that and display size in mind when making a purchase. Some keyboards even connect using Bluetooth technology, which is wireless and easy to activate.

4. A Lap Stand

You can also purchase comfortable, stylish stands that allow you to position your tablet however you want it. They're great for long-term use and can be angled to suit you, whether you're on your back, in an uncomfortable plane or train seat, or in the car. Plus, some can even double as pillows.

5. Portable Speakers

You can find both wired and wireless speakers that are lightweight, cheap and easy to hook up to your tablet. Whether you're at a party, on a beach or in a hotel, you can connect your tablet for easy listening.

6. Portable Chargers

Finding outlets to charge your devices is often an adventure in itself. Ever arrive at the airport to find that all the available outlets are taken? Better power down! To reduce stress on your next trip, snag a portable charger to charge your technology.

Tablets are here to make life easier. And when you're equipped with the best tablet accessories, you can embrace the freedom and portability these devices afford.