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Tech 101: What is an Ultrabook?


Ultrabooks are highly portable yet powerful laptop computers. While tablets can be easily carried anywhere for casual web browsing, messaging or entertainment, it can be hard to get more serious work done when you don't have a keyboard or a full operating system.

Ultrabooks feature improved productivity in a highly mobile package. Their design omits the optical disc drive, and uses a small and durable SSD hard drive for a lightweight design. These laptops are easy to carry, and instant startup features with a long battery life will keep you from having to carry a charger everywhere. With a full keyboard, 2 to 4 GB of RAM and a Windows operating system, Ultrabooks are ideal for getting work done on the go.


Ultrabook laptop computer

Features of an Ultrabook

  • Reboots instantly to get back to urgent work even when you only have a few minutes to spare.
  • Converts to a flat tablet-style interface with a foldable design and touch screen in some models.
  • Securely stores your important data on large SSD hard drives that resist damage from impacts and drops.
  • Streams media and presents content on crisp LED and LCD displays.

Tech 101: What is an Ultrabook? - Sears