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Buying a Video Game Console

From families to dedicated gamers, the latest video game consoles offer everyone plenty of options to enjoy classic games and new titles. Home video game systems can now serve as the center of your living room entertainment, offering apps and services that integrate with streaming media, social networking and more. Gamers can enjoy cutting-edge titles using new technology with Wii U, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4). Before making a decision, here are some features and systems to consider.

Features of Video Game Consoles

There are a wide variety of cool features on the latest systems. While not every console has every add-on or setting, make sure to choose one with options that matter to you.

Gameplay Innovations

  • Cutting-edge graphics - The latest consoles feature high-definition graphics for more detailed game characters and environments.
  • 3-D capability - Some systems support 3-D TVs, so you can enjoy & your games in a completely new way.
  • Wi-Fi enabled - Play competitive and cooperative modes with friends anywhere using Wi-Fi connections.
  • Multiple controller options - The Wii U's unique tablet controller adds touch-screen functions to console games. Motion and voice controls make it intuitive and easy to play games, and are friendly to novice gamers.
  • Play away from the TV - PlayStation 4 and Wii U have the capability to let you play games remotely on other devices, freeing up the TV.

Entertainment and Media

  • Watch movies - PS4 and Xbox One allow you to play DVDs and Blu-rays, so you can watch all your favorite movies with ease.
  • Stream media - From videos to music, you can enjoy streaming media from your favorite services with apps. You can also browse the web to read news or check websites.
  • Connect with friends - Communicate with friends by linking to social media and chat applications.
  • Link to cable - Connect your Xbox One to your cable box to conveniently control everything from the console. 

Types of Video Game Consoles


The PS4 is the latest PlayStation console, bringing powerful performance that rivals high-end PCs to your living room. In addition to detailed graphics and responsive gameplay, the PS4's controller includes a share button that lets you save gameplay videos and screenshots or broadcast to friends anytime during a game.

  • Storage capacity - 500 GB
  • RAM - 8 GB
  • Compatible with PlayStation Vita - The PS4 uniquely integrates with Sony's PlayStation Vita portable console, which is sold separately. You can remotely play games off-TV on the Vita, use it as a second screen for extra game information, or buy games that are cross-compatible with both PS4 and Vita.
  • Allows you to stream game video - The built-in share button makes it easy to broadcast your game videos to a large audience, and you can discover shared content from friends and fellow gamers around the world.

Xbox One

The Xbox One console is designed to manage all of your entertainment in one place. This next-gen system has plenty of power for the latest games, and features like cable box integration, streaming media and web apps will keep you busy even when you're not playing.

  • Storage capacity - 500 GB
  • RAM - 8 GB
  • Lets you create a media center - This console plays Blu-ray discs, connects to your cable box and runs a variety of apps for streaming services. No matter how you want to watch movies or TV, you can enjoy your favorites all on one device.
  • Can multitask while gaming - The Snap feature of the Xbox One operating system lets you add a window for social networking, browsing and other apps to the side of the screen so you can keep up with everything while you play.

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Wii U

The Wii U is Nintendo's successor to the first Wii. Although the names are similar, the Wii U is a totally new console that features more processing power to bring HD graphics to a Nintendo system for the first time. It also has a unique tablet controller that with its own screen for games so you can play without using a TV.

  • Storage - 8 GB/32 GB
  • RAM - 2 GB
  • Can act as a portable console - If you like the pick-up-and-play convenience of using portable consoles around the house, the Wii U gives you a similar experience while providing the power and graphical capability of a home console.
  • Ideal choice in a shared apartment or home - With off-TV play, you won't need to fight over the TV with roommates or family members.
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