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How to Set Up PS4 Remote Play


If you want to enjoy your favorite PlayStation 4 (PS4) games, but your roommates have called the TV, connect the PlayStation Vita portable console to your PS4 to use the Remote Play feature. The PS4 will wirelessly stream games to the Vita's screen so you can experience with the same high-quality graphics and responsive performance you would find playing on the television. If you have a strong WiFi connection, you can even take your Vita with you when you go out and stream games from your PS4 at home. It takes just a few simple steps to get everything ready for the first time. Learn how to connect your systems so that you can enjoy the latest games anytime.

What you'll need:

  • PlayStation 4 game console
  • PlayStation 4 game
  • PlayStation Vita
Playstation Vita as a remote control

Step 1: Set up the connection.

On your PS4™, go to the Settings menu and then select "PS Vita System Connection Settings." Check the box next to "Enable Remote Play." If you're planning on playing at home in close range of the PS4™, check "Connect Directly with PS Vita" as well. You can uncheck this to use WiFi to connect the two systems. This is recommended only if you are having problems with the direct connection at home, or if you want to take your Vita out and remotely play over the internet.

Playing over WiFi requires a strong connection, so be sure to test if both your home connection and the location where you're using your Vita can deliver an uninterrupted connection for smooth gameplay.

Step 2: Pair your PS Vita to your PS4™.

While in the "PS Vita Connection Settings" menu, choose "Add Device." Your TV will display a code needed to pair the PS4™ with the Vita. Leave this up on the TV where you can see it.

Step 3: Start up PS4™ Link on Vita.

You're now ready to turn on your Vita and go to the PS4™ Link app. Choose "Remote Play" for full off-TV play. You can also use the PS4™ Link app to set up second screen features on your Vita, so you can see secondary information like maps or menus while you play.

Using the Playstation Vita as a remote

Step 4: Enter the code on your Vita.

After choosing "Remote Play" in PS4™ Link, you'll be prompted to enter the code from the PS4™ that should appear on your TV. Enter the unique code and select "Register." The PS4™ should now return to the Remote Play settings menu, and you will see a notification pop up that the Vita was added. Your Vita should also now be displaying the same screen as the PS4™, so you can freely change the channel or turn off the TV completely.


Step 5: Start your PS4™ game.

The controls on your Vita now function just like the PS4™'s DualShock® 4 controller, so you can back out of the Settings menus with the circle button and choose your game from the main menu. You might want to tap the Vita's PS button to access the Button Guide feature and confirm the controls.

The L2/R2 and L3/R3 buttons are not available on Vita, so they are assigned to different quadrants of the back touch pad by default, with certain games supporting their own unique built-in configurations. Now that the set-up is done, you can reconnect the two systems instantly simply by going to the Vita's PS4™ Link app while your PS4™ is on.

How to Set Up PS4 Remote Play