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Home Tailgating Ideas: All the Gear You Need for Game Day

Home Tailgating Ideas: All the Gear You Need for Game Day

Watching football at home

Just because you couldn't score tickets to this week's game, that doesn't mean you should sit on the sideline. If you're hosting a homemade tailgate, you'll need a few things to keep your fellow fans enthusiastic. Here are a few can't-miss home tailgating ideas for any superfan.

Guys wearing football jerseys

The Clothes Make the Man

First things first. Every fan knows that you have to look the part, and that includes getting suited up in your favorite fan apparel. Go big with novelty accessories like masks and foam fingers, or keep it simple with hats, tees, sweaters and other basics (in team colors, of course). Facepaint is optional.

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Listen Up

When it comes to TVs, bigger is usually better. Well, the same is true for sound. If you've got the latest 4K ultra-HD TV, you're doing it a disservice by not pairing it with powerful home theater system for a more immersive experience. If you're short on space, a sound bar can drastically improve the out-of-the-box sound on most TVs.

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Watching football in surround sound

Fill a cooler with your favorite drinks and snacks

Bring the Stadium Home

Even if it's cold outside, a cooler will make it feel like you're hanging by the stadium. Keep one by the couch so you and your friends can grab another drink without missing a second of the action. Coolers with lids that double as tabletops can help you make the most of your space.

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Different Strokes

Turns out not everybody's a sports fan, go figure. That doesn't mean they can't still have a great time at your tailgating parties. Set up a separate area in the kitchen, dining room or outside (if it's warm) for some friendly competition of a different kind with board, card or lawn games.

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Set up games for people who aren't into football

Decide what the game plan is for food

Take It Easy

Fans from the tundra know a thing or two about cold-weather tailgating. That's why they swear by slow cookers that can prepare everything from appetizers to hot sandwich fixin's. In-the-know hosts will have more than one running for a full four-quarter feast. But if you're still worried about not having enough grub, order a pizza or two.

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