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How DVD Players Can Reconnect You to Your DVD Collection

With more people turning to streaming their content from the web, DVD players may already feel like a gadget from the past. But let's not render them to the antiques shop yet. In fact, they're still an essential part of even the most advanced home theater. If you're like most movie lovers, the DVD collection you've amassed over the years has probably gone unnoticed lately. Consider reconnecting with your DVD player to watch one of your all-time favorites and enjoy the special features that only come with a hard copy.

If you don't already have a go-to DVD or Blu-ray player, check out some of these top quality devices. No need to get majorly bogged down in specs, as most of today's players produce roughly the same picture quality, give or take a few bells and whistles. Here are a few of our favorites:

Samsung BD-H6500

Unquestionably one of the fastest Blu-ray players on the market today, the H6500 has a remarkable start-up time of about 5.5 seconds. The H6500 also transcodes between Dolby and DTS, a handy feature if you own a sound bar. The only downside to the BD-H6500 is that you'll pay a bit extra for the ability to upscale to 4K resolution, though most 4K TVs already have this feature built in.

Sony BDP-S5100

This compact player features a dual-core processor. While it won't noticeably improve playback, it will speed up those sometimes lengthy loading times for discs and streaming services. This player features an easy-to-operate user interface and is DLNA-certified, meaning that once it's connected to your home network, you can access photos, videos, and music from your laptop or other DLNA-compliant devices at home. In other words, you won't be losing precious time burning DVDs. Plus, it supports many formats, except for DivX—a new video compression technology allowing users to play high-quality videos while maintaining the best quality possible. And lastly, this player will give you picture quality comparable to most top-of-the-line players.

Sony BDP-S520

Sleek and compact, this Sony player offers crystal-clear 1080p resolution and good upscaling to boost the visual quality of your older DVDs. Thanks to a simple interface, navigation is straightforward. This holds true whether you use the standard remote or the intuitive companion app. If you choose the app, you can search through content and access built-in recommendations. And if you're not yet ready to give up your favorite Netflix show, you can also make use of the player's DNLA capabilities for streaming photos, videos and music directly to your TV from your home network. If that's still not enough, this player even enables you to share what you're watching via Facebook and Twitter.

LG BP540

This LG player unites Wi-Fi and many of today's most popular streaming apps with a solid interface. It provides better video image quality than most. It also plays 3D and 2D Blu-ray movies and will upscale your DVD movies to crisp 1080p picture quality. You can even send audio wirelessly to your mobile device through the LG app, so you can watch your favorite movies with headphones and avoid disturbing those around you.

So if you're looking for a break from cable, and streaming content on your laptop is not quite cutting it anymore, it might be time to reconnect with your cherished DVD collection thanks to the versatile DVD players mentioned above.