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Media Players 101: What is Blu-ray?

Media Players 101: What is Blu-ray? 


Blu-ray players and discs use technology that allows you to watch high-definition video. Blu-ray takes its name from the blue laser that is used to read the disc. The laser, which has a shorter wavelength intended for smaller areas, reads data that is encoded in microscopic pits and bumps on the digital disc's surface. This advancement allows the pits that store data to be half the size of those on DVDs, meaning a Blu-ray disc can fit about five times as much data than a standard DVD and store larger, high-resolution movies or videos.


What is a Blu-ray player?

Benefits of Blu-ray

  • The picture quality far exceeds standard-definition DVD quality.
  • Audio quality has also improved since larger high-quality file sizes can be stored on the disc.
  • Many Blu-ray players can connect to the internet, giving you access to streaming apps.
  • A Blu-ray player can also play standard DVDs, so you don't have to completely upgrade your film collection.


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