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Home Audio 101: What is Surround Sound?

Home Audio 101: What is Surround Sound?


What is surround sound?

Surround sound is a system of audio playback that uses multiple channels to immerse the listener. The system works perfectly when placing various speakers around the room, creating a sweet spot. With this setup, sounds seem to come from all around and not just from one direction, helping create a realistic audio experience that matches the action on screen. For example, if footsteps are approaching from behind in a movie or show, they'll almost sound like they're landing behind you.

There are varying levels of surround sound, ranging from as low as 3.0 to as high as 22.2. The numbers correspond to the number of speakers used in the system. The decimal places in these numbers refer to the number of low frequency effects (LFE) channels that are present in the system. The low frequency channels give you a full, well-rounded sound.


Benefits of Surround Sound

  • A surround sound system creates an all-encompassing listening experience.
  • The speaker setup enhances your movie and TV viewing experience with immersive and realistic sound.
  • You can gain a tactical advantage in video games, so you hear where your opponent is coming from.
  • When watching sports, surround sound can make you feel like you're in the stadium.


Benefits of surround sound