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How to Install a Digital Antenna Setup

If you want to move away from cable, but still want local networks, a digital antenna allows you to enjoy your favorite local programming with excellent picture quality. Unlike some digital DIY projects, this job is simple to do. Here’s an easy guide to installing a high-definition digital antenna so you can stay connected to local television.

Connect the digital antenna to the TV

The digital antenna setup should include a short coaxial cable. Screw one end into the antenna, and screw the other end of the coaxial cable into the input on the back of your TV. If you have difficulty accessing the television's inputs, turn your TV slightly or use a flashlight so you can find the right slot more easily. Once you’ve used the cable to connect the television with the antenna, the two components will begin to work together.


Power up the digital antenna

A digital antenna requires a power source in order to operate. Simply plug the device into a wall power outlet or surge protector.


Scan for channels

Once it’s connected to your TV, the digital antenna transfers signals sent over the air. Make sure the two devices are in sync by searching for channels. Many televisions feature a menu setting that automatically scans for every available channel.

Depending on where you live, the antenna may pick up just a few local stations or detect dozens of local and public channels. Without scanning, your TV won’t be able to translate the antenna’s signals into viewable shows, movies or news. Once you’ve scanned and programmed them into your TV, you’ll be able to channel surf easily.


Find the best spot for the antenna

Though installing a digital antenna is a straightforward process, finding the best location for it may require some adjustments. Make sure to choose a spot that is as high as possible so you can get the best picture. In some instances, you might have success placing the antenna close to a window and away from interference. Try positioning your digital antenna in a few areas throughout the room to determine which works best.