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Televisions 101: What is a Smart TV?

Televisions 101: What is a Smart TV?


What is a smart TV

Smart TVs, also called connected TVs, are televisions that have been integrated with certain Internet capabilities. They feature online media streaming applications, such as Hulu and Netflix, so you don't have to use other devices to watch streaming content. Along with media apps, many smart TVs come pre-installed with certain social networking apps as well. Some models have more advanced web-browsing features that let you check email, read news and browse the Internet like you would on tablets or laptops.


Benefits of a smart TV

  • Access to media streaming apps, like Hulu and Netflix, without having to connect another device to the TV
  • Ability to use social media platforms on your TV screen
  • Accessories like wireless keyboards are available to make web browsing easier
  • Capability to link your smartphones or tablets to your smart TV via Wi-Fi and share media between the two
Advantages of a Smart TV