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Televisions 101: What is TV Refresh Rate?


The refresh rate of a screen refers to the number of times per second that a displayed image is rebuilt. Refresh rates are measured in hertz, which tracks cycles per second. A standard refresh rate for a television is 60 Hz, meaning the picture refreshes 60 times in one second. However, many televisions are commonly available in 120 Hz or 240 Hz as well. With constant advances in TV technology, refresh rates have also improved. For instance, certain plasma models can go as high as 600 Hz. Higher refresh rates will create crisper motion compared to lower rates.


TV refresh rate

Benefits of a High TV Refresh Rate

  • High refresh rate eliminates motion blur and creates a crisper image.
  • It can help reduces eye strain while watching TV. 
  • A higher rate is great when playing on video game consoles or watching sports.


Televisions 101: What is TV Refresh Rate?