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Add Automotive Collectibles to your Room or Office

Whenever you decorate your office or bedroom with special accessories, you're trying to make a special statement. If you're a car junkie, consider choosing from a wide selection of automotive collectibles at Sears to make you stand out from the rest. From small model cars to key chains, you'll find all sorts of fun keepsakes for any automotive enthusiast. You can also grab special car-themed apparel and racing gear to show support for your favorite auto maker.

Bare bookshelves and desktops are always dull. While no one wants too much clutter, having some special knickknacks can definitely spruce up any setting. Model cars definitely stand out, and you can even find matching sets to create an entire collection. Everyone also needs a clock for their desk or nightstand. Consider a collectible car clock to customize any office or room in your house. Looking to upgrade the old clock in your car? Sears carries newer digital models so you're always on time.

If you're an auto buff, car-themed graphic t-shirts and other automotive apparel are always a welcoming addition to your wardrobe. Whether it's for your closet or a gift for a friend, Sears carries shirts and other clothes in various sizes. If you like to hit the terrain frequently on your ATV or dirt bike, make sure to find special racing gear. Choose a wide selection of racing suits, helmets and gloves so you can have a fun but safe ride.

Most people like to start out their day with a warm cup of coffee. Instead of spending money at the coffee shop, pour your warm beverage in a collectible car mug. Certain mugs are designed with specific auto makers' logos and colors so you can support your favorite kind of car. If you like to drink hot tea or coffee during your commute, most collectible mugs with secure-fitting tops and insulated sides to keep warm and prevent spilling. You'll also find a vast selection of ceramic cups to hold any liquid or decorate any desk or countertop.

Everyone likes to collect special items. If your passion is cars, Sears has all kinds of automotive collectibles to flaunt your passion for cars. From clocks or model vehicles, there are plenty of accessories to outfit your room or office.