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Maintain a Spotless Vehicle with a Car Squeegee from Sears

Detailing your automobile at home is easy with a car squeegee and just a few brushes. These simple tools are designed to clean any surface of the vehicle without damaging delicate materials and finishes. Wash away tree sap from the windshield with a heavy-duty squeegee or clean the body with a fluffy car wash brush. Follow up with a car polisher or just admire the high-gloss finish of your freshly washed car.

A car squeegee can help keep your windshield spotless. Saturate the mesh-covered sponge with soapy water to break up dirt and grime. The mesh coating easily breaks up debris from dusty trails and muddy roads. Once the windshield is smooth and clean, flip the squeegee over. The rubber blade glides over the glass, sweeping water away. While these handy devices are made for vehicles, they can also be useful around the home. Clean windows and glass doors with just a few passes of the blade.

While a car squeegee can clean a dirty windshield in minutes, a quality set of brushes can help reach every nook and cranny of the car's exterior. Scrub tires with a contoured tire brush or use a car wash brush with a long, telescoping handle to reach the roof. Interior brushes, like dashboard dusters and vent brushes, can catch all the tiny particles that the car vacuum might miss. Enjoy a cleaner vehicle inside and out with car wash brushes and squeegees from Sears.