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Fix Small Tears with Car Upholstery Repair Kits from Sears

Your car is something you treasure, which is why it's important to keep it clean both inside and outside. When rips show up on your upholstery, they start small but can keep getting bigger and more noticeable. Fortunately, Sears has a large selection of car upholstery repair supplies and kits to rid any eyesore. Fix any piece of damaged upholstery, including seats, carpet floor mats and roof lining so your interior will look sharp again.

Whether your pet is scratching up the rear cloth seats or you're cleaning leather seats, it's import to maintain vehicle upholstery. Even the smallest tears can still become a blemish to an otherwise beautiful interior. Sears has different car upholstery repair supplies and kits to patch up any size rip in your bench or bucket seats. Some sets come with special adhesive and applicator tools so you can seal hard to reach tears on your seats or other fabric upholstery.

Other than your seats, the car floor takes on a great deal of wear and tear unlike any other part of the car's interior. Whenever your feet rest on carpeted floor mats during each ride, the constant movement can lead to small rips. Sears carries supplies that can repair any holes or burns on any fabric upholstery in your car. Most kits include strong adhesive that creates a durable bond strong enough to handle water and every day wear.

One of the most forgotten areas to maintain is your headliner. The headliner is typically made of a tighter fabric that is located along the inside roof of your car, which can actually start to bubble or sag over time. There are special upholstery repair sets and car emergency kits that patch-up rips and tighten loose material on the interior roof so your car can maintain a clean and uniform look.

From small burns to big rips, it's crucial that you fix these kinds of damage on your upholstery before it gets worse. Taking your car in to have the upholstery repaired or redone can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on how extensive the work is. Sears has a large selection of high-quality car upholstery repair kits that can save you plenty of time while keeping costs affordable.