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Keep Beverages Hot or Cold in Insulated Travel Mugs

Whether you prefer hot or cold drinks, you'll feel more energized on the go after taking a sip of a refreshing beverage from a convenient travel mug. Many insulated mugs have a built-in foam core that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. To prevent condensation from gathering on the outside of the container, be sure to choose a mug featuring a sturdy, double-walled structure and a locking lid. From soft seat covers to coffee travel mugs, Sears has the car accessories you need to make your daily commute more enjoyable.

Instead of stopping at your local coffee shop for an expensive cup, try making your own drinks at home. You can also stay hydrated more effectively if you always have water with you. Keeping a filled canteen with you is a great way to remember to take a sip even when life gets busy.

Small details can make a big difference on your commute, so make sure your ride is as comfortable as possible. Adding a seat cushion to the driver's side can provide customized support where you need it most. Start your day with the simple comforts of a hot drink and a pleasant trip with car accessories and travel cups from Sears.