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Find Vital Emergency and General Equipment for your Car at Sears

Different situations call for different equipment or tools. It's important to always be ready with the right kind of gear to complete your next task. Whether you're just driving around the block or about to head out on road trip with the family, Sears carries various emergency, travel and general items for your car. From car jacks to parking aids to travel mugs, we have you covered for just about any situation you might encounter.

No one likes to be stranded without the necessary equipment to get out of a jam. Car emergency kits are always great to keep in your trunk because they are stocked with the tools so you can handle almost any situation. Sears has a large selection of different kits as well as other items for your car. For instance, you'll find everything from gas cans to store in your trunk and garage to car air fresheners to refresh the inside of your vehicle.

From roadside emergencies to driveway projects, sturdy car jacks are always a must have. A scissor jack is one of the most common emergency jacks. This device slowly raises your vehicle off the ground by using diagonally crossed pieces of metal. A scissor jack is also a space saver because it is compact, so you can nestle it in your trunk or on your workbench. Sears also carries large hydraulic jack stands and car ramps for more elaborate tasks you undertake.

While most equipment is geared toward emergencies or exterior modifications, there are different kinds of sets to fix your interior. Sears has a wide variety of leather and upholstery repair kits to fix those unsightly scratches and holes on your seats or headliner. The headliner is often a forgotten area to maintain, but it can begin to sag or bubble over time. Car upholstery repair kits come with tools to restore those spots on your roof or seats in a flash.

There is plenty of gear that you need when you travel. Whether you're driving cross-country or on your every day commute, Sears has all kinds of emergency, travel and general items to handle anything you might encounter along the way. Be equipped with anything from car jacks to cargo bags to travel mugs for your next trip.