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Revive your Car Battery with new Battery Cable Ends

When your car doesn't start, you might assume it's a dead battery. However, if you notice lots of rust around the car battery, it might be damaged battery cable ends. Areas that experience plenty of rain and snowfall can increase the chances of high corrosion on the cable ends, causing them to give out. Without the right battery cable lugs or ends, your vehicle might struggle to transfer power from its starter to the battery. Fortunately, Sears has a wide variety of models for almost any car, truck or SUV.

Most batteries gather rust over time. While cleaning a car battery with a homemade base or solution can do the trick, significant buildup can cause damage cleaning can't solve. If you need to replace the cable ends, it's important to find ones that can be nestled around the connectors on your car's battery.

Once you have the proper cable ends and other battery accessories, all you need are sturdy pair of pliers and wire cutters for this project. Wire cutters are used to snip the old ends before the new ones are connected to the cable with the soldering iron. Since you are dealing with acid and other contaminants from your car battery, make sure the car is off and wear gloves and long sleeves to prevent these chemicals from coming in contact with your skin.

After you've installed the battery cable ends, there are measures you can take to reduce harmful corrosion to your battery. For instance, regularly clean the negative and positives posts so the rust doesn't damage the battery cable lugs. Consider using a terminal brush with heavy duty bristles to remove acid without exerting too much energy. Another way to keep the battery and the cable ends in peak condition is by installing a special battery box, which helps insulate the device and prevents heavy corrosion. Whichever method you use, either one should help your battery and its cable lugs last longer.

Your battery is one of the most essential parts under the hood. Battery cable ends are an important battery component that keeps the electricity flowing throughout your car. Whether you need to replace the ends or make other repairs to your car battery, Sears has the high-quality parts to keep your vehicle running smoothly.